Bright Gabriel Poem

Bright Gabriel’s voice the Virgin heard

And was receptive to God’s word.

The sleeping Joseph saw, it seems,

Angelic visions in his dreams.

Shepherds prompted by Heaven’s choir

Sought newborn Christ with hearts afire.

And wise men came from country far,

Led on by light of natal star.

How could such mortals God perceive?

Whence came their power to believe?

The answer’s simple: the moral, sure.

They believed because their hearts were pure.


Take heed, ye Christians. Listen well.

Christ within your hearts will dwell.

But your senses purge from stain

If you wish Him to remain.

Reject the impure. Embrace the Good.

Recall the sixth Beatitiude.

Who shall see God? The strong? The smart?

NO! “Blessed are the pure of heart.”


Father Bernard J. Ezaki